Who We Are

Covered in Light is a Sisterhood of Pagan/Polytheist self-identified women who have chosen, or are called, to cover their hair as part of their religious observance.

In no way are we oppressed, objectified, suppressed, or made to feel like a second class citizen. The covering of our hair is a sacred act of devotion to our chosen Deities and therefore is approached with devotion and reverence.

We welcome all women from all walks of life to join our Sisterhood if they feel led to do so. Trans-women and women of other faiths who are Pagan/Polytheist friendly and who embrace the Divine Mother are also welcome amongst us with open arms.

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5 comments on “Who We Are

  1. brittany says:

    hello, I support any woman,as long as they are beimg true to themselves. however I donot understand the pagan woman who veil concept. could you explain it or share a link for those of us who would like to knoow more?

    • corapost says:

      Hi Brittany

      A Pagan woman who covers does so for many different reasons which include:

      Being called by her God or Goddess to do so in service of Them
      Wishing to not show their hair in public as a form of modesty
      Taking charge of their bodies and deciding what will be seen by whom
      Blocking the every constant energy that bombards them while in public

      Regardless of the reason, the ending result is a deeper pull to the Divine Feminine in each of us.

  2. [...] and who embrace the Divine Mother are also welcome amongst us with open arms.” – Cora Post, from Covered In Light. They are sponsoring the First Annual International Covered in Light Day on September 21st, [...]

  3. kadollan says:

    I was linked to your blog by a fellow pagan woman who covers. I’m glad to see you here, and look forward to following you.

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